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The debuted Taipei Smart City logo adopts words as its main design core, combining Chinese and English. Not only does it speak out to the rest of the world, but also exhibits the name of Taipei City. The 2 t’s are symmetrical and form the “pei” part of “Taipei”. The visual focus will be drawn towards the “pei” word, hence signifying “Open”, “Disclosed” and “Innovation Oriented”, conveying the city’s willingness to accept innovative ideas. Innovative creativity of all forms are welcome in the city, which echoes the momentum and elasticity one expects from a smart city. “Taipei is a creativity, innovation and entrepreneurship filled smart city that is open to positivism.”, one that embraces new ideas and provides dreams with a chance for realization.

Smart Taipei

Taipei City established the “Taipei Smart City Project Management Office (TPMO)” in 2016. Under the concept of ‘Government as a Platform; City as a Living Lab’, TPMO assists in opening public test field and introducing creativeness and resource from collaborative private sector to promote both Top-down and Bottom-up proof of concept (PoC) projects. Through Public-Private Partnership, TPMO embraces innovation and hence facilitates Smart Taipei. 

Beginning in 2020, Taipei City Government formulated the “1plus7 framework”. Taipei’s smart city “1+7 Field” refers to 1 core concept and 7 additional aspects. Building upon the main core of “Smart Government,” the 7 additional fields include “Smart Security,” “Smart Building,” “Smart Transportation,” “Smart Education,” “Smart Health,” “Smart Environment,” and "Smart Economy." Led by departments in charge of each sector, along with the Department of Information Technology, TPMO, and outside experts, working groups are formed to strengthen the connection between private proposals and public policies, assess current situations and future prospects, and continuously matchmake Public-Private-People Partnership (PPPP). We created a culture in public sectors that does not respond to a fear of failure. We encourage an open work environment in which civil servants can be creative and not be afraid to fail. Such a culture is how we will be able to keep rolling out new ideas and applications. The city as the core, we will continue to spread the energy of innovation and change, and move towards a common vision of smart city together.

2018 Smart Taipei brochure 
2020 Smart Taipei brochure 
Smart Taipei Film

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