Call for Proposals! “2023 Solicitation for Taipei 1+7 Smart Fields” Kick-off, Welcome Innovations to Make Taipei a Greater City

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"2023 Solicitation for Taipei 1+7 Smart Fields" has kicked-off! Under the concept of “Problem Setting by the Government, Problem Solving by the Industry”, the     Taipei City Government has sought innovative solutions from various sectors. Starting from January 3 to February 17, the solicitation includes 12 demands by 6 smart fields and 2 topics regarding “net-zero emissions” by Smart Building and Smart Environment. To realize the vision of net-zero, livable, and sustainable society, TPMO welcome innovations from every sector to continuously upgrading this Taipei Smart City.

This year, the 12 demands include several situations. For instance, the Department of Transportation expects to optimize the accessibility of traffic planning, hoping that wheelchair users can easily learn how to plan routes to avoid barriers, find wheelchair-friendly shops, elevators, or restrooms. The Department of Land Administration plans to introduce a virtual customer service to provide form-filling instruction for simple questions, interact with citizens, and improve satisfaction, aiming to build a virtual land office environment. The Department of Information and Tourism seeks for wearable or handheld devices with AR functions, which can provide passengers with new immersive travel experience on the double-decker sightseeing/dining bus in the city. Through this top-down mechanism, it is expected good players will be in the field pilot for solution verification, and the basis of PoC results will be incorporated into the government’s latest policy direction.

Under the global trend of net-zero emissions, in order to transform the challenge of carbon reduction into the driving force of industry and energy transformation, Taipei City is in line with the international to draw the blueprint of deep carbon reduction for the next 30 years. In this context, the city government plans “net-zero emissions” as the topic for solicitation, which takes technology-related issues as the main direction, such as energy conservation, carbon emission reduction, or energy transformation, to introduce innovative solutions in experimental test fields of Smart Building and Smart Environment.

Vendors interested can prepare the proposals and visual aids according to the “Application Notice” and the “Call for Proposals Master Table”, and submit the relevant documents to the TPMO official email address. TPMO will first conduct written documentation reviews, then send the proposals to each Steering Group to discuss which collaborators to be selected. After the announcement of the review results, the departments/bureaus and selected vendors will carry out venue coordination, site inspection, proposal finalization, and other logistic works together. After completing cooperation agreement signing, selected vendors shall complete contract and empirical projects and undergo opportunity assessment (OA) at the end of the project execution.

The demands and topics of “2023 Solicitation for Taipei 1+7 Smart Fields” are decided after the discussion of the actual needs within each Steering Group. In addition, TPMO also welcomes all the vendors with brilliant ideas to carry out Bottom-up projects through the official website to create an innovative, high-tech, and sustainable Taipei Smart City.

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