Taipei City Multi-Field Multimedia Information Station (Kiosk) Pilot Project

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Taipei City Multi-Field Multimedia Information Station (Kiosk) Pilot Project

This project refers to the LinkNYC in New York, to collect and verify the benefits and feasibility of applying Kiosk to different field characteristics. Field types include transportation and sightseeing nodes around MRT stations, market business circles, and other crowd gathering areas, to test the multimedia information stations, providing free Wi-Fi, digital playback panels for municipal information, air-condition detection, and power bank rental services. 

Constructing smart, one-stop convenient public facilities, and promoting commercial advertising and mobile power rental income can also become a source of funding for the maintenance and operation of this public service. It is hoped that through the cooperation between the government and the industry, a more friendly network environment and friendly service experience for citizens and tourists will be provided to help evaluate the application of Kiosk to the overall expansion of the possibility.

This time, the pilot vendors and two companies have set up Kiosk machines in a composite field and verified the feasibility of multiple business operation models through commercial advertisements and mobile power leases. It is expected that the service will be launched in mid-November 2020 and a 12-month trial demonstration will be officially launched.

Photo: a Kiosk operating inside an MRT station 

Expected Benefit

Providing free Wi-Fi, air-condition detection, and power bank rental services. Building up smart, one-stop public facilities for the convenience of the people, combining commercial scenarios to test concepts, and cooperating with vendors through public-private collaboration and a sustainable business model are hoping that in the future, through this innovative IoT multimedia channel application.

In addition to strengthening the promotion of tourism and municipal administration in Taipei, also providing more value-added services to the public, and serving as a reference for improving the promotion of urban big data infrastructure.

Project location: Show on the map
Edimax 1〔9 Songgao Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City〕

Edimax 2〔Between Uni & Eslite Xinyi〕

Edimax 3〔Near Shinkong Mitsukoshi A4〕

Edimax 4〔Xingyi/Zhongxiao Intersection〕

Edimax 5〔Near Shinkong Mitsukoshi A4〕

Edimax 6〔Between FarEast & Le Meridien〕

Edimax 7〔Between FarEast & Le Meridien〕

ChargeSPOT 1〔1F South Dist., City Hall〕

ChargeSPOT 2〔City Hall Station Exit 1〕

ChargeSPOT 3〔Zhongxiao Fuxing Station Exit 1〕

ChargeSPOT 4〔Zhongxiao Fuxing Station Exit 4〕

ChargeSPOT 5〔Taipei Main Station B1〕

ChargeSPOT 6〔Ximen Station Between Exit 4 & 5〕

ChargeSPOT 7〔Zhongshan Station Exit 4〕