Commercial Sites Smart Detection and Business Tracking and Forecast Project-Station Front Metro Mall #5 and #6 Plaza

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Smart traffic analysis technology and CMS cloud back-end management system developed by Champ Vision Display are installed in the section between #5 and #6 plaza in Station Front Metro Mall. The cameras (no pictures and personal information are saved) installed there at the verification site record the traffic flow, statistics on the number of people, hotspots of crowds, and other business information. The information is then consolidated with the de-identified consumption data recorded on EasyCards used at stores near the site, as part of the collaboration with EasyCard Corporation, and then integrated with the CMS developed in-house by Champ Vision Display to generate business reports that cover time, weather, consumption frequency, etc.

The two modularized systems generate various data from business analytics, such as percentage of crowds accessing stores, popular hours, customized traffic reports (before and after events), analysis of spending in the business districts, hotspots, and other quantifiable business information, which is then displayed through various graphical displays, further constructing a more efficient business information center while reducing the labor cost.

Expected Benefit
  1. Extend the tracking of consumer behaviors and stay informed of the characteristics of sites. Identify industry needs and core issues through objective data. Improve the efficiency of municipal management and operations.
  2. Implement real-time monitoring of business sites, and improve the response speed of civil servants, which transforms governance from problem-solving to problem prevention.
  3. Provide objective evidence of input-output benefits for the existing policies and promotion resources, and find the best and suitable policy tools to reinforce allocation of resources for policies and expand the promotion benefits.
Project location: Show on the map
Station Front Metro Mall〔B1, 100 Section 1, Civic Blvd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City〕