Commercial Sites Smart Detection and Business Tracking and Forecast Project - Station Front Metro Mall Y-Z Zones

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Station Front Metro Mall in Taipei is miniaturization of business districts. The business types there bring in diverse data collected. The biggest advantage of Station Front Metro Mall is that the crowds are potential consumers, and the information on crowds can be used to maximize benefits. Taiwan Data Science selects Taipei City Mall (Y zone) and Station Front Metro Mall (Z zone) and installs 20 sets of antennas according to different site characteristics to collect information on crowd flows, detects the flows in real-time, and compares the traffic in different sites. 

Analysis charts are then used to understand the concentration of crowds and hotspots. The company also attempts to collaborate with Taipei Rapid Transit Corporation, EasyCard Corporation, and stores to collect relevant data. The data is then compiled and analyzed to provide business analysis and forecasts, helping the city government establish the best policies and helping businesses at the site formulate their marketing strategies.



Expected Benefit

The installation of antennas at key commercial districts to analyze crowd flows can collect data on where crowds gather, how much time they spend, and other information, further obtaining information on hotspots.

The real-timing monitoring and understanding of crowds can generate precise data to help the government formulate its future management strategy and evacuation plans, and help stores formulate their marketing strategies to drive sales and the economy of the business districts.

Project location: Show on the map
Taipei City Mall〔B1, 100 Section 1, Civic Blvd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City〕

Station Front Metro Mall〔50-1 Section 1, Zhongxiao West Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City〕