Smart Store Technology Counseling Project-Light Era Technology

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Light Era Technology collaborates with Taipei City Office of Commerce and proposes to install 64 optical tagging devices to help the business district provide smart services to shoppers and tourists. Users download the App and scan the tagging devices to obtain the information and special discounts available at the business district, further improving the shopping experience and driving the local economy. The smart services available at the shopping district include:

  1. AR guide to the shopping district: The optical tagging equipment serves as the activation entrance to the virtual-physical Ximending AR environment, providing business information, local guides, consumer reviews and other information.
  2. Digital coupons: Receive coupons from stores' AR bulletin boards and other entrances and share the coupons via social media to expand the marketing effects.
  3. Interactive advertising: In addition to fixed AR billboards, the App offers interactive advertisements from time to time, providing consumers with the latest marketing information of stores, public information, events and others.
  4. Navigation: The system adopts AR to guide shoppers to places built-in in the system, such as various stores, public facilities, tourist attractions, etc.

Image: Techs of light labels

Image: Simulation of using services

Expected Benefit

The AR Ximending sightseeing guide service is to be established during the project period. Innovative applications are introduced to help the Ximending shopping district offer more store information in an intuitive way and make it easier for tourists to select their locations for consumption.

Digital coupons can help stores improve their sales, AR interactive ads add more word of mouth and raise brand awareness and AR navigation can help tourists at home and abroad in their access to the district.

Project location: Show on the map
Ximen Shopping District〔Chengdu Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City〕