Smart Store Technology Counseling Project-EyesMedia

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During the emergence of new retail evolution, small and medium traditional retailers tend to receive the greatest impact. Limited by their scale and knowledge, they tend to be more disadvantaged in their capability and speed adopting the digital transformation, further losing competitiveness. EyesMedia collaborates with Taipei City Office of Commerce and proposes the use of "Mobii! Store Package" to offer a one-stop store opening services platform. It consolidates the various digital tools needed by stores and plans suitable functions to meet the different characteristics of business districts and stores.

The project provides digital tools to stores and incorporates the user-end platform from EyesMedia to guide users to use such tools. The project also helps the stores and vendors operate the tools through the collaborations between various associations and cooperatives in the districts and markets, to resolve stores or vendors' adoption issues with the tools due to their unfamiliarity with digitization.

Image: Service framework

Expected Benefit

The trial project consolidates the digital tools to be used by the stores, further saving the manpower and time needed for conducting the assessment. In addition, the projects incorporate the online-offline experience and offer reward points redemption specials to draw more users, further promoting stores to undergo a digital transformation for their sales and services.

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Tianmu Shopping District〔Section 6, Shilin Dist., Taipei City〕