Smart Store Technology Counseling Project-Raygate

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In response to the emergence of e-commerce and changes in consumer behaviors, this project applies smart technology and introduces digital marketing activities in the Ximen business district and the shopping district by the rear entrance of Taipei Railway Station to help traditional retailers resolve the information gap and create new models of consumption. Raygate collaborates with Taipei City Office of Commerce and proposes the use of "New media smart marketing," "Kiosk digital smart interaction machine," "Letego - OMO virtual-physical integration platform" and "Letego - Reward center" to promote the image of business districts and online-offline integration services for stores.

The connection between consumers, enterprises, stores in business districts, and the government creates mutually beneficial cooperation and collaboration and explores digital innovation opportunities to drive the development of business districts.


Expected Benefit

The project consolidates digital tools needed by the stores, and helps connect consumers, enterprises, stores in business districts and the government to drive the overall economy growth of the districts. Consumers can user the digital services provided by the trial project to receive their coupons to redeem for merchandise at stores.

This approach may lead customers to make additional purchases and become a member of stores, bringing the benefits of return purchases. The online-offline integration creates a friendly environment for people to shop, and adds more brand exposure of districts, guides people to shop and accumulate membership rewards and experience other digital innovation of sales methods.

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Ximen Shopping District〔Chengdu Rd., Wanhua Dist., Taipei City〕