Small Hydropower System and Display Platform Construction Plan-Principles of Hydropower Development

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In response to the central government's policy in planning renewable energy to account for 20% of the total power generation by 2025, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has continued to promote the construction of small hydropower generators, hoping to involve the private sector to bring in new technology and power generation equipment to reduce carbon emissions. In response to the central government's policy, the Taipei City Government has also continued to compile a list of experimental sites for small hydropower generation in its jurisdiction scope engaged in collecting and analyzing system operation data during the trial process, and improve technology improvement. The test results can also be an important reference for the city’s future promotion for investment and plans the blueprint for planning for the related policies, further facilitating the overall development of Taiwan’s small hydropower and green energy industries.
This project is a collaboration with Principles of Hydropower Development. It uses a modularized small hydropower generation system, Archimedes water turbine, which does not need bar screens or automatic dust collectors, and is friendly to aquatic organisms. Implementation methods are as follows:

  1. Excavation, and construction of an upper pond.
  2. Install gates and water blocking equipment in existing pipelines.
  3. Build Archimedes turbines and divert water to generate electricity.

Expected Benefit
  • Test the feasibility and reliability of small hydropower technology on-site
  • Collect on-site operation data and analyze the power generation efficiency as a reference for future policy implementation and promotion
  • Demonstrate the effectiveness of small hydropower in popular attractions to raise citizens’ awareness of the environment and green energy
Project location: Show on the map
Shuangxi Water Purification Plant〔No. 110, Sec. 3, Zhishan Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City〕