Small Hydropower System and Display Platform Construction Plan-Jingyi Renewables Energy

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In response to the central government's policy in planning renewable energy to account for 20% of the total power generation by 2025, the Ministry of Economic Affairs has continued to promote the construction of small hydropower generators, hoping to involve the private sector to bring in new technology and power generation equipment to reduce carbon emissions. In response to the central government's policy, the Taipei City Government has also compiled a list of experimental sites for small hydropower generation in its jurisdiction, hoping to find suitable vendors through the PoC method to build small hydropower systems and display platforms in sites that can accommodate experiments.

This project is a collaboration with Jingyi Renewables Energy. It uses existing small hydropower generators to establish a simple and low-cost system suitable for various water supply ditches and pipelines. The implementation can be connected in parallel with various types of power systems to reduce the investment expenditure in equipment converting power to electricity. It is hoped that the trial can help the benefit assessment to achieve future scalable and ready-to-use installation and ready-to-use at sites.

Expected Benefit

The industry operator assesses that experiments are not being introduced due to the site limitations.

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Shuangxi Water Purification Plant〔No. 110, Sec. 3, Zhishan Rd., Shilin Dist., Taipei City〕