Proof-of-Concept Plan for Data Removal from Government Official Mobile Phones

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Most bureaus and departments of the Taipei City Government dispose of their business mobile phones by physical destruction. If the data or confidential documents in the mobile phones to be retired can be properly cleared by software technology, the phones can then be auctioned off or given away as gifts to avoid waste.
This project is a collaboration project between iDea Mobile Tech and the Department of Information Technology. The data removal software iMT Cleaner, independently developed by the vendor, can be used in both the iOS and Android systems to conduct encryption erasing, factory reset, data removal, system restoration, etc., ensuring zero leakage of sensitive business and personal data. After the data are cleared, the mobile phones can be reused, donated or auctioned off to achieve recycling of resources. 

Photo: (Photos provided by iDea Mobile Technology)

Expected Benefit

It is hoped that the technical validation of clearing confidential information in business mobile phones implemented in this project can ensure zero leakage of business and personal data in mobile phones to achieve re-use of phones, reduce environmental pollution and waste of resources, and also bring other positive sustainability benefits.

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Taipei City Government (Data Simulation Test)〔No. 1, Shifu Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City〕