The Installation of the positioning and sensor devices for cable connection facilities in storm drains

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Storm drains used to solve drainage problems in urban planning areas are important and indispensable infrastructure. So far, about 716 kilometers in length (GIS) of storm drains have been completed. Since the promulgation of the "Management Regulations for Cable Installation Attached to Sewers, Bridges and Tunnels in Taipei City" in 2013 allowing telecommunications, cable TV and fixed network operators to apply for installation, cable connection facilities (junction boxes) have been scattered in more than 3,000 spots along the storm drain facilities in Taipei City, making it difficult to figure out the current status and well manage them.
This project is a collaboration between the Hydraulic Engineering Office and Acer Being Communication. It checks the placement of cable junction boxes and incorporates GPS and water level sensors to further examine whether sewers are blocked, and transmits the relevant positions, water level data and results back through the existing cable lines, achieving the goals of controlling the positions of junction boxes and lowering the cost of pipeline layout.

Photos source: Hydraulic Engineering Office, Taipei City Government

Expected Benefit

The trial project transmits the real-time data of various positions, so that the management unit can better grasp the status of sewers and information of water level. The relevant data are disclosed in the Taipei City Storm Drain Geographic and Water Information System so that citizens can assess it easily, and it can be used as a reference for decision-making of the future policies.

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Hydraulic Engineering Office, Taipei City Government〔No. 1, Shifu Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City〕