Demonstration project of website verification support system

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The government uses websites to provide digital services, indeed the correctness of website functions and data content is the basic requirement in providing digital services to the public. In order to check whether websites function normally and the content is correct, the various agencies of the Taipei City Government usually spend a lot of manpower manually connecting to their own websites conducting comprehensive or random checks so that citizens can receive services with better quality.
This project is a collaboration between the Department of Information Technology and FANinsights, which consolidates information, analyzes data and uses peripheral tools (such as chatbots) to reinforce the interactivity of websites. Through adopting the AI technology to link websites, and conducting monitoring to generate statistics and reports, it help to identify the pages that need to be updated and keywords that should be verified. The implementation reduces internal manual operations and improves efficiency, further achieving the goal of strengthening website administration.

Photos: Schematic diagram of website monitoring (Photos provided by FANinsights)

Expected Benefit

It is expected that it can save the manpower required for website inspection, shorten the response processing time when the websites are abnormal, and improve the service quality of the websites.

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Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government〔No. 1, Shifu Rd., Xinyi Dist., Taipei City〕