Taipei IoT Experimental Platform-Neihu Smart Park 5G Test Project

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Taipei IoT Experimental Platform-Neihu Smart Park 5G Test Project

In order to develop a smart city and enhance the competitiveness of the IoT industry, Taipei City Government is actively creating a "Taipei IoT Experimental Platform" as an experimental field, so that innovative applications of various IoT technologies can be implemented to accelerate Taiwan's IoT technology and Product maturity and development.

In the past, the "Taipei IoT Experimental Platform" has successfully promoted "LoRa development and application", attracting more than 80 new startup teams to sign up for trials and working with industries to open 10,000 Sigfox accounts for free applications, and promote the development of OGC international common standard platform Application, hoping that through these IoT experimental platforms, innovative applications can reach their full potential and create services that meet the needs of citizens.

With the rapid development of 5G in the global market, the Department of Information Technology, Taipei City Government, and Far Eastone Telecom announced on October 4, 2019, that "Neihu 5G Test Project" will be launched, which will continue the public-private partnership of the "Taipei IoT Experimental Platform" in Innovative experimental spirit, create the first "5G open test field" in Taiwan, and open 100 teams to apply for a free three-month 5G environmental test welcoming startups, manufacturers, academic research and other units, making more innovative applications happen in Taipei City.

activity photos

activity photos

Expected Benefit

Taipei City also hopes that through this pilot project, more private teams will be attracted to apply for a free trial of 5G accounts. With the teams' various innovative ideas combined with the Far Eas Tone telecom 5G network resources, 5G innovative applications and smart technology will be put into the field trials. Public-private cooperation and industry partners write a new page in 5G application development, creating a more complete IoT communication platform.

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Taipei Smart City IoT Innovation Lab〔4F, 12 Zhouzi St., Neihu Dist., Taipei City〕