Blockchain Digital ID Sightseeing Value Added Service

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Blockchain Digital ID Sightseeing Value Added Service

In recent years, Taipei City Government has been thinking about how to use the innovative blockchain technology to promote the application of the public. Therefore, the government signed a memorandum of cooperation with IOTA in 2018 and hoped to discuss the application model in line with the demand in the future.

IOTA Taiwan agent Biilabs proposes to use urban sightseeing as the main application theme, using Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) to establish a digital ID link database for identity verification to confirm that the user is a citizen of Taipei City or a sister city, providing people from Taipei City or the sister city to enjoy the same two-city sightseeing discounts, in order to promote the blockchain sightseeing application and service of the two cities, and to attract more tourists to establish a wonderful Taiwan image.

It is now actively matched for discussion. In the future, multi-value-added applications can be developed through this technology, such as civil society welfare projects, small-paying, etc., and it is hoped to provide better citizen services with innovative technologies.

Expected Benefit

It is expected that the innovative application will be introduced into Taipei City through blockchain technology, which contributes the sensible tourism application service for people of the two cities, promoting not only the development of tourism but Taipei City.

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Taipei City Hall〔1 City Hall Rd., Xinyi District, Taipei City〕