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The Digital Documentary Management System of the Department of Health

  • Category:Smart Healthcare

Status:In progress

Department of Health, Taipei City Government issues certificates or licenses to the public or medical personnel, and the current process is manually operated. This process involves data review, certificate production, printing, mailing, and the recipients physically obtaining the certificates, which is time-consuming and labor-intensive. In the case of certificate reissuance or extension of validity, the issuance process must be repeated.

This PoC project is a collaboration between the Department of Health of the Taipei City Government and Turing Chain to establish an online management platform, leveraging international public blockchain and asymmetric encryption technologies to provide globally standardized issuance, management, and digital verification services. It simplifies the operation process. The project's vendor complies with ISO 27001 information security standards, ensuring that data is stored on the public blockchain, making it tamper-proof and immune to destruction. Recipients also have the option to choose whether to grant access to this information to third parties. The third parties can then complete the verification process by clicking on a URL or scanning a QR code.