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In order to develop Taipei as a Sustainable and Livable City, Taipei City, under the concept of ‘Government as a Platform, City as a Living Lab’, established Taipei Smart City Project Management Office to engage in opening up public test fields  and introducing creativeness and resource from collaborative private sectors to promote both Top-down and Bottom-up proof of concept (PoC) projects. Through Public-Private Partnership, TPMO embraces innovation and hence facilitates Smart Taipei.


The Taipei City Government will form different fields task force based on the needs proposed and seek innovative solutions, solicit projects externally, and then execute experimental projects under the "Taipei Smart City Industry Field PoC Program".


The Taipei Smart City Industry Field Empirical PoC Program hopes to help smart city and Internet of things-related ecosystems take root in the city and also open up the experimental field of innovative city solutions in Taipei. By opening up smart city application-related proof of concept (PoC) to respond  people’s proposal to the city government, the city government can in turn provide those interested with empirical evidence to serve as backup forces, thereby further optimizing operation models and example experiences.