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Taipei Smart City Innovative Proof of Concept Program

Project Overview:

The Department of Information Technology (DOIT) seeks to promote public-private collaboration in ICT innovation through the "Taipei City Government Needs - Private Sector Innovation Cooperation" framework. This approach involves surveying administrative needs among Taipei City Government agencies and soliciting innovative solutions to the respective scenarios from the private sector. Subsequently, subsidies are provided to private entities for small-scale field validations of proposals in Taipei, enhancing the practical implementation of smart city innovative ideas and improving citizen welfare. This pilot program has been specifically established for such purposes.


In the first quarter of each year, a call for proposals is announced, with each agency presenting its respective scenarios. Following a review session conducted by DOIT, decisions are made regarding issues such as approving demands, selecting and announcing the themes for the year's field validations, and accepting applications for proposals from the private sector.

In the second quarter of each year, the results of the private sector proposal applications are announced, and the subsidized projects undergo field validation. The field experiments typically last five months.

The periods for both the call for demands and private sector proposal applications are announced by DOIT. The duration may be extended as necessary based on actual implementation requirements.