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TaipeiPASS APP Peak Traffic Protection Project- Introducing Queue-it Virtual Queuing System

  • Category:Smart Government


In order to enhance digital services for the public, the Taipei City Government has introduced more municipal services and event information into the TaipeiPASS APP in the past two years, enabling people to access relevant information through the APP. However, when a large number of people flock to the APP at the same time, it is easy to induce the system crash or abnormal connections. Therefore, the Department of Information Technology cooperates with Master Concept to introduce a "virtual queuing system" in the TaipeiPASS APP. When a large number of people use the APP at the same time exceeding the capacity of the website, they will first be automatically directed to the "virtual queuing system" and then be redirected back to the website or APP in an open, transparent, and first-come-first-served manner, preventing system delays by optimizing the efficiency of traffic control.
 This PoC project is designed to enhance the stability of the TaipeiPASS system and the digital experience of the public using TaipeiPASS, reduce system maintenance costs and public anxiety, as well as ultimately improve the image of government administration.