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NO.TitilePublish Date
1Announcement of the"Taipei Smart City Innovative Proof of Concept (PoC) Program" – Results of Proposal Review2024-04-30
2Taipei’s Tech Triumph: A 16th-Place Finish in the 2024 IMD Smart City Rankings2024-04-29
3Announcement: "Taipei Smart City Innovative Proof of Concept (PoC) Program" Soliciting Agency's themes and application details are now officially open for applications, effective immediately.2024-04-16
4The 2024 Smart City Expo - Taipei City Government Vision Pavilion will be showcased from March 19th to March 22nd at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 2!2024-03-01
5The Taipei Smart City Education and Training Symposium on the topic of "Smart City Development Issues: The Road to Metaverse City Implementation" concluded successfully on November 22nd.2023-11-23
6“Smart Taipei College Curriculum Cooperation Platform Program" Showcases the Intellectual Innovation of Young Scholars2023-06-20
7The Overview of "2022 Smart Taipei Innovation Award" Distinguished Projects2023-04-28
8The Overview of "2022 Smart Taipei Innovation Award" Exceptional Projects2023-04-28
9GO SMART 2023- General Assembly Takes you Know the Opportunities and Insights into International Trends in Smart Cities2023-03-28
10Review results announcement: 2023 Taipei Smart City’s Call for Proposals2023-03-27
11Continuous Innovation! "2022 Smart Taipei Innovation Awards" Winners Announced!2023-03-15
12Continuous Innovation, Taipei Moving Forward! "2022 Smart Taipei Innovation Awards" Finalists Announced!2023-01-30
13Call for Proposals! “2023 Solicitation for Taipei Smart Fields” Kick-off, Welcome Innovations to Make Taipei a Greater City2023-01-03
14The Conference of Taipei city government “The lesson of smart city development: the developing roadmap of city metaverse” inspires innovative ideas2022-12-02
152023 GO SMART Award Call for Solutions! “Let’s Go, SMART Cities” Welcomes World's Smart Cities Solutions & Practices to Share, Learn, Compete and Celebrate with One Another2022-09-22
162022 Smart City Industry Symposium" at Taipei City Expo: Collaborating to Create a Smart City2022-09-12
17The Announcement of the Outcomes of "2022 Solicitation for Proposals for Smart Taipei 1+7 Smart Fields"2022-07-12
18Invitation to "2021 Civic Participation: Smart Taipei Academic Collaboration Platform" Exhibition2022-05-11
19The 2022 "Taipei Smart City 1+7 Domain Call for Proposals" is now underway!2022-05-03
20The winners of the "2021 Taipei Smart City Innovation Award" have been announced!2022-03-31