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Taipei Smart City Innovative Proof of Concept (PoC) Program-PoC Theme

Soliciting Agency:Dept. of Social Welfare/Dept. of Education/ Dept.  of Health

PoC Theme:Developing an Early Prevention and Counseling Mechanism for Children and Adolescents with Depression and Anxiety: Using AI Language Recognition Technology for Emotional Analysis

Soliciting Agency:Office of Commerce

PoC Theme:AI Customer Service Guidance and Case-filing Tutorial

Soliciting Agency:Department of Social Welfare

PoC Theme:Innovative Technology Service Plan for Preventing Poor Orientation

Soliciting Agency:Secretariat

PoC Theme:Implementing Process Automation and Proactive AI Learning Technologies to Create a Superior Internal Database for Government Agencies

Soliciting Agency:Department of Transportation

PoC Theme:Accessible Navigation Map Service for Taipei Railway Station

Soliciting Agency:Department of Information and Tourism

PoC Theme:AI Smart Counter - Instant Translation Service Project

Soliciting Agency:Research, Development and Evaluation Commission/Dept. of Information Technology

PoC Theme:Enhancing 1999 Citizens’ Hotline through Real-time Voice-to-text Technology and AI-integrated FAQs.

Soliciting Agency:Fire Department

PoC Theme:Development of AI-managed Warehousing, Emergency Medical Supplies Management, and Supply Forecasting Model

Soliciting Agency:Department of Environmental Protection

PoC Theme:Net Zero New Life - Carbon Reduction Diary (App)

Soliciting Agency:Police Department

PoC Theme:A mobile App to implement smart infrastructure in the Taipei City Police Department to uphold the rights of foreigners