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Eye Focus Detection Program for Taipei City Government Videoconference

  • Category:Smart Government


The use of the videoconference system among government agencies and enterprises became more frequent during the pandemic period, hence more and more forums or conferences of the Taipei City Government were carried out via videoconference. However, due to the limitation of the video lens and the random  distance from the monitor, the expression of the speaker’s eyes is often unfocused, the resolution is poorly presented and there are problems with noise interference. For these reasons, ASUS Cloud and NVIDIA jointly proposed the empirical project  which incorporates the videoconference server of the Taipei City Government with AI real-time correction technology in the conference operation system to improve the videoconference system. The solution solves the aforementioned problems and verifies the feasibility and corrective effect of the videoconference, thereby upgrading the videoconference quality and enhancing overall efficiency, so that participants can be enaged in a better exchange experience.