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Daan Forest Park Roller Sports Skating Rink Surveillance System and Crowd Statistics

  • Category:Smart Education

Status:In progress

Daan Forest Park is popular for its roller-sports skating rinks, currently patrolled regularly by inspectors and there is no management personnel stationed; it is difficult to grasp the real-time situation of the venue (such as the venue lighting, the use of the venue, etc.), or deal with disputes (such as occupying the venue, theft, destroying the venue facilities , and other disputes, etc.).


This PoC project is a collaboration between the Department of Sports of the Taipei City Government and Taiwan Secom Co., Ltd. Both sides designed together with integrating network cameras and AI analysis hosts to streamline video recording and cloud access, so that managers can monitor the deployment of the venue in real time and understand the usage habits of the public through the mobile app. In the event of a dispute, it is also possible to quickly access the preserved video records to clarify the facts and take countermeasures.