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Smart Performing Venue Registration Management System for Street Performers

  • Category:Smart Education


Street performers currently apply for performance spots in the Ximen Pedestrian Area through online registration and on-site check-in. If an applicant fails to check in within the specified time limit, the spot will be filled by a performer who is present on-site. If there are more than two performers waiting as backups, a lottery system will be used to determine who gets the spot. Currently, the administrators have to walk to all 41 performance spots to manually check attendance and handle backup procedures. Due to the large area of the pedestrian zone, it is difficult for the administrators to promptly grasp the status of each spot.

This PoC project is a collaboration between the Taipei City Government's Department of Cultural Affairs and Hyson Technology to establish an intelligent venue registration management system. When street performers arrive at the designated location, they can complete the check-in process through their mobile phones. The system will then record the performance time, send notifications, and handle backup procedures based on predefined mechanisms.