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VR Land Office Using AI Customer Service for Filling Forms and Applications

  • Category:Smart Government


The Land Office is the front-line unit for serving the public. Each counter faces a large number of phone inquiries or cases that need to be processed at the office every day. As the demand for citizen services continues to increase, land administration services are constantly innovating, and the agency is facing a pressing need to solve the problem of inadequate manpower resources

Due to the increasing maturity of online AI customer service and the rise of the metaverse, which provides a stronger sense of immersion through virtual reality, people can experience remote but immersive interactions. This PoC project is a collaboration between the Department of Land of the Taipei City Government and Chunghwa Telecom Information Technology Corporation to introduce AI virtual customer service and interactive teaching videos  to quickly answer people's questions, alleviate the burden of the land administration office's counters, and provide an immersive interactive experience, creating a virtual land administration office.