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Introduction of shared parking spaces at the public parking lots

  • Category:Smart Transportation

Status:In progress

With the increasing number of vehicles in Taipei City, parking space shortages and traffic congestion have become increasingly severe. To address the urban parking problem, the Department of Transportation Taipei City Government   encourage to release and include the unused parking spaces at the public parking lots during off-peak hours and holidays in a shared platform, providing access to car owners in need. This initiative aims to optimize the utilization of public parking resources and maximize the value of parking spaces.

As a result, the Taipei City Parking Management and Development Office, along with the Datong District Office, Neihu District Office, and USPACE Technology Co. Ltd. (USPACE) collaborate to introduce the shared parking system in the Datong and Neihu districts. Car owners can use an app to check the availability of parking spaces in the area and make reservations. Once confirmed by the system, the parking fee will be charged when the car owner parks the car at the parking lot, and various payment methods will be available for quick settlement.

This PoC project aims to enhance parking space utilization, ease traffic flow, promote the economic benefits of parking space sharing, and encourage more public and private entities to release unused parking spaces, thus alleviating traffic issues and creating a more livable urban environment.