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The Announcement of the Outcomes of "2022 Solicitation for Proposals for Smart Taipei 1+7 Smart Fields"

"Taipei Smart City Industry Field Empirical PoC Program" aims to engage industrial sector, realize innovation and accelerate Smart Taipei development through public-private partnership (PPP).  This year is the fifth time of “Problem Setting by the Government, Problem Solving by the Industry” under this program.  The 2022 Solicitation called for the proposals from industry to provide the solutions during the period between 3 May and 2 June.   After serious verification of proposal documentation and intensive review by the experts, the final outcomes are officially announced today – July 8.


There are 11 firms participating this 2022 solicitation, in which 6 of them, passing the review, will start the detailed planning and the trial contract signing in the coming days and then move into the project construction or installation and the empirical study & review.  We hope there will be more innovative applications realized in the Capital City, creating the win-win between government and private sector.


Please visit the TOPICS of this website to download the review result of year 2022.