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“Smart Taipei College Curriculum Cooperation Platform Program" Showcases the Intellectual Innovation of Young Scholars

The Taipei City Government is committed to promoting mechanisms such as open data and public-private collaboration to encourage public participation in public affairs. By soliciting suggestions from citizens and improving services to better meet users needs, the government aims to achieve the spirit of "open government and public participation". In order to expand citizen participation in smart city issues and leverage the momentum of academic research in the fields related, the Taipei City Government organizes the annual "Citizen Participation: College Curriculum Cooperation Platform Program " to integrate academic research into the development of smart cities.


In the "2022 College Curriculum Cooperation Platform Program", collaborations were carried out with four domestic universities and five professors throughout the academic year, with a total of 41 student-research teams’ participating. Through the collaboration with professors from University of Taipei, National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, National Chengchi University, and Soochow University, the curriculum included topics such as Taipei City's smart city policy & practices and open data governance. This encouraged young students to understand and analyze policies based on their own expertise and produce learning and research reports.

Throughout the collaboration period, the Taipei Smart City Project Management Office actively shared the process of promoting smart city mechanisms and urban governance. They arranged visits to collaborative Proof of Concept (PoC) projects involving public-private partnerships and facilitated in-depth interviews between students and relevant departments and industry stakeholders to support their research. The results of the course collaboration were presented at the semester presentation competition on January 5, 2023 and the year-end outcome showcase on June 13, 2023 respectively. Students were invited to present their research findings and feedback, which would serve as references for incorporating them into public policy planning.

The "College Curriculum Cooperation Platform Program" aims to extend the influence on public affairs decision-making through a model with participation of youth citizenship, allowing for bottom-up contributions and embodying the spirit of "open government and public participation".