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Invitation to "2021 Civic Participation: Smart Taipei Academic Collaboration Platform" Exhibition

Open government, public participation! Department of Information Technology of Taipei City Government and Taipei Smart City Project Management Office (TPMO) are hosting the "2021 Civic Participation: Smart Taipei Academic Collaboration Platform" exhibition to showcase the results of the collaboration between the city government and universities. The event will take place at the Taipei City Government's first-floor atrium from May 11th to May 20th, 2023. We cordially invite all citizens to join us in this celebration!


The "Smart Taipei Academic Collaboration Platform" collaborated with 5 universities and 7 courses in the 110th academic year. Under the guidance of professors from universities such as Taipei Municipal University, National Taiwan University, National Chengchi University, Soochow University, and Sun Yat-sen University, Taipei City's smart city policies and open data were incorporated into the teaching materials. Students were encouraged to conduct research on topics of interest, fostering their abilities in policy project research and data analysis, thereby producing learning and research outcomes.

The exhibition will showcase 36 sets of student achievements, with diverse research topics and methodologies. The transportation sector, for example, has left a strong impression on the students. For instance, Taipei Municipal University, responding to the high number of motorcyclists in Taipei and uneven parking demand, focused on smart motorcycle racks as their research subject. Through surveys, they found that the public perceived convenience in being able to check available parking spaces and use their EasyCards for payment. At National Chengchi University, in response to the high population density and heavy traffic flow in Taipei, students suggested continuous development of intelligent traffic control. They hoped to utilize AI technology for real-time road safety management and monitoring. The ongoing trial of AI-based law enforcement in Taipei and New Taipei City has already shown significant results.

The collaborative efforts of the five universities have contributed to the co-creation of a smart Taipei between the public and private sectors.

Students from courses like "Administrative Statistics" at National Chengchi University and "Smart City Governance" at Soochow University explored policy resource allocation, energy conservation, and carbon reduction through data analysis. Meanwhile, students from National Taiwan University's course "Smart City and Digital Democracy" used government open data in combination with inputs from TPMO, digital communities (such as IVC), and civic organizations (like the Beitou Community University) to propose policies for the development of the Guandu Plain.


Taipei City Government has promoted the smart city initiative under the framework of 1+7 domains, encompassing "Smart Governance," "Smart Buildings," "Smart Transportation," "Smart Education," "Smart Healthcare," "Smart Environment," "Smart Security," and "Smart Economy." Director Lu Hsin-ke of the Information Bureau emphasized that "Taipei's smart city development is an evolutionary process that must be built upon citizen participation and public-private collaboration. The Smart Taipei Academic Collaboration Platform extends this concept to university communities, integrating elements of smart cities and public participation into university courses, encouraging students to understand municipal policies and come up with research ideas."


The "Smart Taipei Academic Collaboration Platform" in partnership with university communities aims to promote citizen participation and hopes that this exhibition will encourage citizens to visit and provide feedback, further fostering social innovation. There will be an on-site "Fill out the Questionnaire and Receive Gifts" activity, where visitors who fill out the questionnaire during the exhibition will receive daily limited exquisite gifts until supplies last!