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The "2022 Taipei City Mayor's Cup Data Application Hackathon" is now open for registration starting today (November 29)

The hackathon aims to promote government innovation, enhance data governance capabilities, and encourage participation from Taipei City Government employees and students to apply open data in innovative ways. Through collaboration between the public and private sectors, the hackathon aims to explore and utilize government open data to inject more innovative energy into Taipei City.

Despite adjustments in the format due to the impact of the pandemic, the 2021 Mayor's Cup Hackathon still received enthusiastic and talented participation from teams, presenting numerous excellent proposals aimed at solving municipal issues. For instance, the student teams proposed using smart IoT monitoring devices combined with AI object detection technology to address the problem of drivers finding parking spaces. The city government teams proposed establishing a Taipei City Market Hall leasing information service platform to optimize the use of public venues and simplify the citizen leasing process.

This year's Mayor's Cup Hackathon continues to focus on the "Taipei Smart City 1+7 Areas" framework as the competition theme, covering various application areas such as Smart Government, Smart Security, Smart Buildings, Smart Transportation, Smart Education, Smart Healthcare, Smart Environment, and Smart Economy. Participants are encouraged to register and unleash their creativity to accelerate the optimization of existing public services and generate more innovative and convenient service solutions.

The registration period is from November 29, 2021, to December 30, 2021. The judging panel, comprising experts from Taipei City Government and related industries, will evaluate the submissions and select 20 outstanding proposals to advance to next year's competition.

Note: Some terms and titles may vary depending on official translations or updates from the Taipei City Government.