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The 2022 "Taipei Smart City 1+7 Domain Call for Proposals" is now underway!

The 2022 "Taipei Smart City 1+7 Domain Call for Proposals" is officially underway starting May 3rd! Since 2021, the Taipei City Government has been adhering to the principle of "government proposing questions, industries providing solutions," and each department has put forth challenges through the 1+7 smart domain framework, inviting industries to offer innovative solutions.


In the 2022 call for proposals, a total of 11 themes have been presented under the 1+7 smart domain framework. The proposals include the Education Bureau's call for AI-assisted personalized learning, the Public Works Department's request for virtual information variable signs to automatically display messages on navigation systems and remind road users of traffic conditions, and the Police Department's desire for comprehensive panoramic surveillance using 360-degree cameras to capture crime scenes, among others. Through the 1+7 smart domain call for proposals, experts from various fields are invited to engage in field experiments and verifications. The results of these trials, combined with the latest government policy directions, will be used to further plan implementation strategies and response measures, expanding the feasibility of innovative solutions.


The "2022 Taipei Smart City 1+7 Domain Call for Proposals" will run from May 3rd to June 2nd, 2022.