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The Overview of "2022 Smart Taipei Innovation Award" Distinguished Projects

Since 2016, Taipei city government has routed many private units to city government’s related departments for public-private collaboration through "Taipei Smart City Industrial Field Empirical PoC Program", which successfully contributes to many innovative PoC Program projects and motivates many industries to realize innovation and facilitates Taipei city toward a smart city.

The expense of execution for these PoC projects matched by this plan was totally raised by these partners on their own. In order to encourage and appreciate the industries and academic institutions for their participation in Taipei city innovative development. The first "Smart Taipei Innovation Award" was launched by Dept. of Information Technology, Taipei City Government in 2020, we present the awards to those partners contributing to city’s innovative development through this annual distinguished PoC projects selection.

This year, quite a few excellent projects were proposed by the related city government departments for "2022 Smart Taipei Innovation Award". These PoC projects were reviewed and evaluated internally and externally in terms of their innovation, planning inclusion, field experiment benefit, future feasibility and data integrity. Through two sections of review, first on the documents and second on the presentation, 10 projects were awarded this year, among them, 3 and 7 projects were selected as outstanding and distinguished respectively.

The briefings of seven distinguished projects are described as follows:

1.AI smart patrol system_ BOVIA CO., LTD. 

On daily patrol duty, the police officer usually uses an enquiry device to check car numbers by means of manual entry. It consumes a great deal of time and labor. In order to enhance working efficiency and implement technical law enforcement, this PoC project adopts a newly developed vehicle patrol system and wearable real-time imaging equipment to support car plate number identification without additional operation. It will alarm immediately if an exception is found, and the police on patrol duty can approach for enquiry and investigation under an allowable situation. Additionally, combined with the dynamic coordinate sharing function, it can use the reporting APP to transmit the present coordinate, moving trajectory and target information etc. to the command center when any suspicious vehicle is found by any patrol car. The wearable equipment includes the SOS emergency button enabling real-time communication with the command center to dispatch the police around for support.

2.Evidence-based plan for the solution to the context awareness of facility maintenance management system with the application of the extended reality (XR) incorporated into a BIM model_ Arplanet Digital Technology Co., Ltd. 

This evidence-based plan is a model building mode by the BIM-based design, construction and operation management. Combined with XR visualized interactive technology, the modeling can be implemented by field BIM model information and real-time presented by extended reality (XR) so as to build up a facility operation management system with context awareness.

The primary functions are as follows:

     (1) XR interior navigation:XR interior navigation function is activated immediately after entering the field. It can guide operation maintenance personnel to quickly locate the equipment position in the field.

    (2) XR piping inspection:Current field inspection mode by 2D layout is replaced with the context awareness mode by XR visualized piping inspection. It effectively reduces mistakes and boosts working efficiency.

   (3) XR water pumping system service & inspection:When servicing and inspecting a water pumping system, visualized intuitive operation and guidance can complete service & inspection by overlapping the BIM model onto hydro-valve positions and introduce the XR pictorial illustration.

3.Mobileye advanced bus driving auxiliary system with value-added automatic road information collection service_ TMS TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. 

This PoC project introduces Mobileye equipment into our city bus. It entirely integrates three primary functions of vehicle traveling data record, advanced driver assistance system (ADAS), AI image recognition to support and optimize public transportation safety with road asset management proceeding in parallel. The verification flow is as follows:

  (1) Install the Mobileye 8 Connect on 30 buses of principal district lines in our city to collect and compare relevant transportation safety data.

  (2) Process and filter critical data by the Mobileye system to remove private data, encrypt and upload the data to the cloud.

  (3) Construct the AI digital road information integration platform and separate it into city government information systems for road safety and road asset management.

4.Taipei LBS fenceless AR city tour_ OMNIGUIDER INC. 

This project applies the interactive technology to TaipeiPASS for verifying the AR tour. Incorporated with LBS (Location Based Service) and AR (Augmented Reality) technologies, it enables tourists to visit the Taipei fenceless museum without real tour guide. As long as they activate the application service on a mobile device, relevant scene narration will be presented interactively by AR according to the LBS navigation while approaching each scene and exhibit. Conventionally, unclear narration from a distant tour guide or just non-interactive on-site bulletin board reading will not happen at all. It can really improve touring quality in Taipei city.

5.TaipeiPASS traffic peak protection program – Queue-it virtual queueing system placement_ Master Concept Technology TW LtD. 

In recent two years, Taipei city has introduced many municipal services and activity messages into APP TaipeiPASS to provide relevant information for the general public through the APP. However, when a large number of people emerge, the system tends to crash or shows abnormal condition. Therefore, in order to improve the digitalized convenience service, this PoC project introduces “digital queueing system” into the APP TaipeiPASS. When it is crowded beyond the loading capacity, people will be automatically guided to the queueing system first and brought to the website or APP openly and transparently under the first-in first-out (FIFO) way. It can prevent system delay through traffic control efficiency optimization.

6.5G smart pole field verification project_5G Smart Pole Standard Promotion Alliance

This project conducts the first field testing in collaboration with “5G Smart Pole Standard Promotion Alliance” organized by industries to assist in the formulation of common specifications for the standardized 5G smart pole design and application functions. It can be adopted by the departments concerned in city government as the reference for the technical specifications of 5G smart infrastructure and soft/hardware integration after review.

5G smart pole verification is achieved by a device composed of 1 primary pole, 2 secondary poles and 1 loop control box. Then, many smart city solutions and application functions, such as the 5G millimeter wave networking, EV charging station, smart street light, road traffic monitoring, environment and climate detection, road flooding detection, multi-functional color-change LED light display & warning and digital panel are installed on the device to fully demonstrate the core value of 5G smart pole as the “neuron” in building a smart city.

7.Immersive experience & innovative service in the digital train and plaza_ Innolux Corporation 

This project develops multimedia smart carriage display technology through a verification process. This is a solution for cross-boundary application integration. It collaborates with many information and communication carriers in the aspects of development, verification and introduction in terms of the display technology, communication technology, sensing technology, data technology, and interactive technology and produces the optimal arrival information display screen, curved advertising panel, in-vehicle electronic paper advertising panel, policy announcement panel, private 5G corporation network and smart immersive projection system dedicated to the smart mobile bulletin as one package of smart mobile display solution.