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Call for Proposals! “2023 Solicitation for Taipei 1+7 Smart Fields” Kick-off, Welcome Innovations to Make Taipei a Greater City
 “2023 Solicitation for Taipei 1+7 Smart Fields” has kicked-off! Under the concept of “Problem Setting by the Government, Problem Solving by the Industry”, the   Taipei City Government has sought innovative solutions from various sectors. Starting from January 3 to February 17, the solicitation includes 12 demands by 6 smart fields and 2 topics regarding “net-zero emissions” by Smart Building and Smart Environment. To realize the vision of a net-zero, livable, and sustainable society, TPMO welcomes innovations from every sector to continuously upgrade this Taipei Smart City.
2023 Solicitation for Taipei City 1+7 Smart Fields: Call for Proposals
This plan proposed by the Taipei City Smart City needs to promote the field of group 1 + 7, and seek partners through the announcement. Vendors can write a book proposal based on the needs of the Bureau of the levy case and submit a book proposal. Taipei Smart City project office will conduct a written examination, and then submitted to various areas within the group for discussion.
Download the slides to see how Taipei becomes a smart city!
Latest Poject
Taipei Performing Arts Center 5G Network Transmission Empirical Project
This PoC project is a collaboration between Inventec Corporation and Taipei Performing Arts Center, holding the VR (virtual reality) experience activity in the center which is introduced with a 5G network for conducting trials. Through simple structure and convenient construction design, the performers operate the tablet PC to make orders by using a 5G signal connection, so as to experience the VR digital content of transmission without latency.